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fuckin amazin form of `ardcore derived from gabba but slower and darker. the best party music out there. U dont believe me then get yo bitch ass down to london and get to a Crossbones rave asap
by razor August 29, 2003
/b/ is the Random Image board of 4chan.
If you ever visit /b/, keep in mind that the materials there are for 18 and older.
Anyone else may be offended.
/b/ just makes me sick.
by raZor July 06, 2013
Long part of a dick, or penis. The longer it is the deeper the blowjob. Long is good. Penis inlargments make your shaft bigger. Girls love em, get yo bitch to suck on it. Gets hard, especially during sex. Use it for sex.
Cum see my dick's shaft.
by Razor July 07, 2003
when doing your partner you give her a "ghost nut"(spitting on her back,)cum in your hand and when she turns to look at you, BAM kick it up a notch in her face.
by razor August 04, 2003
the art of saddle sniffing
oo aar oi loik to sit outside the pub and quumf
by razor August 29, 2003
from latin: solidus cruz, meaning, infernal racket
Youth hate noise, Writers of the 22nd Cent. townie national anthem
as in: I hate so solid crew, or, so solid crew suck cows knees
by Razor November 11, 2003
Sign on the side of the road. Music chart with the weeks top songs.
Im listening to the billboard top 100 list!!
by Razor July 07, 2003

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