Lead singer of Tokio Hotel, an all boy German band. And I'm sorry to all you Tokio Hotel haters, but they have extremely original music, and it sends shivers up my spine like a good song always does. That's how you know whether a song's good or not. And his lyrics are amazing. He's my inspiration form my song writing, and I love his and his band's music. All four together are actually just miracles and music prodigies. Nothing Like My Chemical Romance.


And by the way, I'm no poser. I'm not some sad little girl obsessed with him for his looks/ I like him for his talent. Which is real ^^
Poser: Did you see Bill Kaulitz at that concert, he's so amazingly gorgeous.

Me: I think you'll find the correct term is good looking, and he happens to have amazing talent too you know?
by PoisonousLithium January 28, 2009
The lead singer from German Band Tokio Hotel. For most people who are wondering yes he is a guy and yes he is STRAIGHT!!!

This 20 year old singer is probably the hottest thing you can ever see. That is next to his twin brother Tom Kaulitz. Even though they are twins they have very different styles so it is very easy to tell them apart.

Some fans will just abbreviate his name with "BK" instead of typing it out.

And they will come up with cute saying like " BK- Bill Kaulitz! Have it your way"
Fan Girl #1: Whose your favorite member of TH?
Fan Girl #2: Bill Kaulitz!!! He is so adorable!!
Fan Girl #1: Yea he is but so is his brother.
Fan Girl #2: Yea they are probably the hottest twins ever!!
by LaurenW October 27, 2009
Hottest guy on the planet. Lead singer of Tokio Hotel. German band, founded by Bill & his twin brother, Tom, who is ten minuted older than Bill. (Tom plays guitar). In 'Black Question Mark' with just his brother, then met Gusatv Schaffer (drummer) & Georg Listing (bass) & became 'Devilish'. Now 'Tokio Hotel'. Bill is well-known for his androgenous style. Now he has a faux-hawk. And is still incredably sexy!
TH fan girl: OMFG, Bill Kaulitz is so hot!
TH fan girl: ich liebe dich fur immer, Bill!
by Geisterfahrer December 16, 2009
the twat lead singer of the shitty band tokio hotel.
th fan: OMGZ bill kaulitz is sooo hooot
normal person: STFU
by NevermindSKS February 01, 2011
The insane, gay looking, and acting, vocalist for the German band Tokio Hotel. So many girls swoon over him and want to have his babies that the world would end if they got their wish. Though he is supposedly straight, nobody in their right mind would believe it.
Sadly, he is a vegetarian, and a weakling for being such. Eat meat damnit.
by SailorPothead February 25, 2010
a woman
Bill Kaulitz secretly has a vagina.
by Jori August 09, 2008

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