Bogan I'd Like To Fuck... When you see the worst dressed, foul/loud mouthed person you wouldn't be caught dead in public with, and find yourself strangely aroused by how attractive their body features are.

"What a BILF!"

"Check out that BILF"

or simply

It's 11am and you've just parked your CAR at the shopping center, as you walk past the bus stop you see a bottle-blonde girl (couple of inches of black/brown re-growth) with a huge rack get off the bus. She is usually wearing an ADIDAS tracky with big hoop earings and some horrible coloured make-up. She then proceeds to speak extremely loudly to her bogan friend who is 50 KG overweight saying something along the lines of: "where's the fuckin' bottlo I need some rum" in front of a crowd of people who all stare and shake their heads, she turns to one onlooker and says "what the fuck you lookin' at" and spits on the ground in front of him. BILF.
by *Brendo* August 12, 2009
Top Definition
Like to
Damn, is that bilf of yours coming to watch you again. I'd like to have sexual intercourse with her!
by just another cracka July 09, 2003
Baby I'd Like to Fuck
In the tv-show Family Guy the baby Stewie sees a beatiful baby girl and says: " O wait wait bilf, total bilf" .
by Respecta January 17, 2011
Possibly the most versatile word in any language. Though it sounds like "some b word I'd like to fuck," bilf actually refers to semen, but can be used much like fuck in that while someone can be bilfing, can bilf all over the place, can be full of bilf, and can be bilfed upon or into, they can also be referred to as a Bilf.
Damn hot mama, I'm gonna bilf in your bilf chalice.

Steve: So he stole all your shit?
Joe: Yeah.
Steve: What a bilf

You bilf nugget

you bilfing moron.

I'm gonna fill you with so much bilf you're going to get swimmers ear.
by esoterism October 28, 2009
A Family Guy joke made by Stewie. A play on the phrase MILF. Stands for Baby I'd Like to Fuck
Stewie: OMG what a BILF
by Mardy M January 16, 2011
Beard I'd Like to Fondle
Lea ~ "Holy shitkebabs; see that beautiful bloke over there with a massive beard?"

Victoria ~ "Yeah, what a BILF, let's go fondle it!"
by BILFuk February 05, 2014
"baby I'd like to f*ck" as said by Stewie on family's only cool for him to say it...if you say it then you're just a pedo
Stewie: Oooh ooh bilf! She's a total bilf!
by squishy-tishy January 16, 2011
Baby I'd like to Fuck

Made famous by Stewie Griffin on Family Guy
Oh BILF, check out that BILF
by FG Fan January 16, 2011
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