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To get the shit kicked out of you for standing up for what you believe in.
Some kid said he liked the all-american rejects, so i biko'ed his ass!
by Boki May 05, 2003
word that comes from detroit and means to "unleash" or "kill" usually used as a threat.
before my daily blowjob I told her "if you bite my dick I'll biko you so bad you'll wish you were dead".
by Dumbfuck March 31, 2005
Strong name for bearded guy.

Great Lover. Great Man. Great Bikos

Usually he's the muse for many artists.
"Bikos the night belongs to lovers!"
Juan: "Yo, that guy is so Bikos"
Miguel: "He's a totally tamaro, cabron... but he has a nice beard"
#bikos #strong #beard #powerful #tamaro
by bikosthenight November 14, 2013
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