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a trolley pole is the "handle" takin from a supermarket trolley/cart, it prooves to be very strong seeing it is made from steel
Johno got smashed by some guys with trolley poles.
by boki July 20, 2004
To get the shit kicked out of you for standing up for what you believe in.
Some kid said he liked the all-american rejects, so i biko'ed his ass!
by Boki May 05, 2003
usually homosexuals are called mud slappers because they intend to put their penises into other mens anal holes
That guy over there looks like a mud slapper because hes checking out that other dude bending over at the counter.
by Boki April 05, 2004
when a man puts his penis into another mans anal hole, that is classified as holepunching
Last Night at the party i slept in the same bed with Dave, and he tried to holepunch me, what a faggot.
by Boki April 05, 2004
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