From the movie Stripes, it was used as a satirical compliment for Sgt Hulka who they just couldn't do without.

Someone who annoyingly goes overboard to get something done just to show up everyone, and then makes a total ass of himself, but won't admit it.

Someone who thinks he's in charge, while at the same time his "underlings" show outward support, but actually this person has no idea what he's doing and everyone else knows it.
From the movie Stripes: Winger - "An army without leaders is like a foot without a big toe. And Sergeant Hulka is always gonna be here to be that big toe for us."

Nice job, Big Toe.

How's our Big Toe doing today?
by pedicabber May 14, 2005
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That could be either of the two biggest digits on your feet;
or when spelled thusly: Big T.O.E. refers to the Big Theory Of Everything, which by it self, is self explanatory.
1. OUCH!!!!!!! I crushed my big toe!
2. The Big Theory Of Everything is a complicated mess of facts, figures and things totalling the sum 42.
by J. Michael Reiter April 29, 2005
There is one on each foot.
My left foots' big toe is next the big toe on my tight foot. How about that!
by Dick Splash November 10, 2003
The toe that has a nerve connected directly to a man's dick. Tug on this a little during fun reverse cowgirl and it creates an extra special sensation for him.
This little piggy went to... oh you liked that!
by BOB November 15, 2004
Derived from the name 'Blackmore-Heal'; to have a large unlucky toe.
"Hey, did you hear about Adam not being able to get into the Army, it was because of his bigtoe."
by bigtoe November 03, 2004
To have sex with (bang) a person on every heavy piece of furniture in your house
Man: Imma big-toe you girl!

Girl: What you mean?
Man: Imma bang you on every heavy piece of furniture in this place!
by RedDragon237 July 12, 2013
a girl who is wierd but also can be sad, and she gets tired for sleeping more then usual but more awake when she sleeps less
god your such a big toe!
by juan the poo March 15, 2005
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