(n.) - a phrase used when dealing on the street to give props or show much respect to someone/something.
Yo Son Big Upss for that game last night! You wuz Ballin'!

Big Uppsssss...To ALL MY HATERS!!!! - Shawty LO
by Z Moneyyy January 26, 2010
exaltation or encouragement; (of self) to boast
Big up all the crew in the place!
by piffy June 12, 2003
1. Bigup is a verb which means to lift something up, not physically, but to a higher level of status. Normally applied to the 2nd person.

Ali G uses this phrase often in his farewells at the end of his interviews.

2. A phrase to grasp attention as in "listen up." Not as common.
1. Yo, bigup yourself. Peace man.
2. Bigup yoselves an' listen to the words whats bein said.
by The DJ Wolf October 24, 2008
Bushwick, Brooklyn based band oriented around the composition of NYU student Joe Galara88a.
Fuck yea, man, Big Ups is the shit.
by GoldenChone January 17, 2011
Commonly used in the Caribbean especially The Bahamas, Big up means to impregnate or that a female is pregnant.
My girlfriend just tell me she ready to get big up

Bey yal hear homegirl round da corner big up!
by GenK August 01, 2011
congradulate, form of praise to oneself or to another
Big up on winning that award
by UNKNOWN October 17, 2003
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