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Big Papi:(David Ortiz) a a true god among men who makes the New York Yankees his bitches.
Big Papi bitch slapped the Yankees again last night!!!!!
by nigga bruce October 18, 2004
Big, kick-ass red sox player. Real name is David Ortiz.
Big Papi made them Yankees look like dumb assholes.
by Fetus Bomber November 04, 2004
Nickname of Red Sox player David Ortiz.
Big Papi hit numerous homeruns to help the RedSox come back and beat the Yankees
by Matt LaFemina September 29, 2005
Any person from Latin America who is very good at what he does, especially sports or other leadership professions.
David Ortiz is "Big Papi" because he is the best hitter in baseball.
by Theo Epstein November 23, 2004
When you're banging a chick, you pull out and bust on your hand, clap your hands together, and then slap her in the face like Big Papi does before every at bat.
Yeah man that chick was a total slore. She told me to give the Big Papi so I did.
by bigpapier69 August 13, 2008
A man named Jason who has a 15 in penis and gets all the boats and how's.
Plays PC all day
Plays league 24/7
Thinks his teacher is hot
Says get your greasy ass hands off my phone to his teacher
No gainz
Nick gets laid everyday he's such a big papi
by Big pa June 26, 2016
A person that is a faggot (i.e. homosexual)

To fag, as in a person or horse (i.e. have sexual relations with a member of the same gender, specifically male)
"im a bigpapi!" said the fag
by bigpapipenis April 22, 2006
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