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hakuna matata; problem solved
I got into a car accident today...but who gives a fuck! I got a BIG DICK!
by Jsmith1225 March 19, 2006
What every guy in the universe claims to have.
"Heard he has a big dick..."
"Yeah, i guess its contagios."
by Avatar8x8 December 30, 2009
a big dick is a dick that is 8-12 inches long
I have fucked lots of guys with big dicks.
by horny slut July 11, 2006
a male who was gifted by god with a nice package in his pants but HAS NO FUCKING CLUE what to do with it.

or how to use it.

he thinks simply getting wood is all he has to do to please a woman in bed. it's not.
& that getting hard is the same as getting her off.

and giving him pointers, instructions, A FUCKING ROAD MAP, or gps is simply useless.

because he's that gat damn clueless.

homegirl: girl, y u so angry?

you: motherfcukin big dick tellin me he know how to break me off.

homegirl: ain't that a bitch.
you: yeah, so i just shot on his face and called it a night.
homegirl: i heard that...
by D.Praved February 05, 2010
Big Dicks is an expression used to express any emotion. This term should be yelled frequently and loudly, mainly to pedestrians who will in turn look around curiously. Other variations of 'Big Dicks' are 'Small Dicks' (disappointment), and simply holding your hands infront of your face about 2 feet away from eachother. This newer form of sign language for big dicks is a new step in its evolution. Big Dicks can now be seen anywhere it can't be heard.

Picture: (_)_)===D
1. Mark: Big Dicks!
Elliot: yeah its gonna be sick!
2. Nick: dude small dicks jeff, put ur cock away.
Jeff: no eff u im driving do what i say.
3. (hands in front of face or on IM) |-------------|
by Senor Big Dick February 18, 2008
one who has made a blunder

WAY TO GO BIG DICK! - to be shouted at a volume at which everyone in the surrounding vicinity may hear
by McDooby October 24, 2005
In the dice game craps, when the come out roll is a ten. Any combination ie; 5+5, 6+4, 4+6 it is called big dick or at any time a ten is rolled someone might say there is big dick
Common shooter, where is big dick, common dice big dick, no seven
by rucus11 August 15, 2009
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