A state of being drunk on alcohol and high on drugs at the same time.
Dude, last night I drank a Stoli 750 and did 5 lines of white. I big time!!!
by KBK January 22, 2005
Totally awesome
ex: Their new CD, man, it's bigtime.

Class is cancelled? Bigtime!
by Krap April 24, 2003
The Chilean Sensation, Christine Fingerhuth.
There was another goal for the AU Eagles by their big time forward.
by aueagles.com September 16, 2008
Reference for any hard drug, used by middle class teenagers. This generations "dope."
"Hey Jacob, do you know where I can obtain some Big Time?"

"Sure Becka! Right down the Ave, ask for an African-American woman named Gabe."
by Carl Jory Martin October 03, 2008
The top of the game.
Any game you chooze to play.
Buisiness Man, Pimp, Hustler, Thief, Major League Sportz, Skateboarder or Drug Dealer.
"Yo' ain't never gunna make the big time with that attitude rookie."
by Diego August 30, 2003
A little guy that goes to a casino, club, party, or some gathering and is given respect that he has not earned, but is given a chance to prove himself or to reassure him he is accepted. In a friendly way to acknowledge his confidence or his courage despite his small stature. It's a sincere compliment with no intended sarcasm.
You cool big time, you cool you got sevens.
by osirica May 28, 2007
someone who thinks they are the better than you
i wouldnt bother trying to pull her, shes a big time
by buzz May 27, 2004

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