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The bloke from the pot noodle advert
Want some pot noodle big dave?
by Paul March 19, 2005
To roll a double shotgun roach for a joint. A roach which has got four mini roaches inside it. As rolled by big dave.
1: That's a fat joint, what is it?
2: It's a big dave
by Big Bad Dave May 22, 2006
any particular person that can get things done, through either legal or illegal means.
Boy: "awww man, that mp3 player costs a bomb"
other boy "ma mate big dave can get u that cheap as chips"
by EaStY2006 May 24, 2006
When ones trousers have been pulled to their ankles and had the gurth of an oak tree pummeling the persons backside because of economic and financial decisions.
Lee:Oi this bottle cost me £3.50!
Andy: That's a big Dave if ever i saw one.
Chris: A royal raping at it's best.
by Jiggaman April 14, 2005
A big blue cartoon mammoth that is related to the archaeology class of HRSFC 2003-2005
"look its big dave!"
by Jack Hiscock February 01, 2005
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