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To shave ones head. Sometimes done with a cheap bic razor
hey dude, looks like your going bald. you better bic it.
by Will Witmer March 11, 2006
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"BIC IT" is an expression used for shaving your hair.

(BIC makes disposable razors.)
person 1: "my parents said i need to cut my hair... i dunno what to do with it tho"
person 2: "Just BIC it"
person 1: "Wtf? Bic it? WTF!"
Person 2: "Ya, BIC IT... it'll be c0re"
person 1: "WTF does 'BIC IT' mean??"
person 2: "to shave your head, right down, using a razorblade. Like BIC... geeze, don't you check URBANDICTIONARY.COM?? you should expand your vocabulary man"
person 1: "You're a cunt"
person 2: "I know"
by Ekim April 28, 2004
36 27
Shaving one's head with a razor, as opposed to doing so with electric clippers.
When my battery powered clippers run out of juice I just go ahead and Bic-it for that extra clean look.
by ron_99 January 12, 2010
2 2
to tell someone to stop an action or to relax because its inappropriate or false
yo C, i had sex with 16 females over the weekend. Wes can you bic it.
by littledickens April 27, 2008
5 25