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1. Men who fib (lie) about their penis size to make women think it's bigger than it is.
2. A self described big penised man who in reality isn't.
He said he was 10 inches but after hands on inspection, his package was only 6. What a bibber!
by debannabelle June 14, 2009
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The overall-like garment worn under a jacket in standard marching band uniforms. Some come with a little pocket for change. All are uncomfortable to sit in.
"Dude, why don't you have your bibbers on yet? We're about to warm up."

"JT says he spilled mayonnaise on his bibbers, but he's not fooling anybody."
by Orph June 15, 2007
A cute female kitty cat.
"Hey there little bibber, you're so cute! Come give momma some lovin'!"
by Momma! September 12, 2005

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