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short version of biatch
fuck that biah, she's a hoe
by Rice Paddy January 26, 2005
Talmudic term for sexual intercourse. Also, one of the responsibilities of a wife to her husband.
My wife came home late but i didn't care that bitch was tired she was gonna have some Bi'ah.
by Rabbi K November 18, 2009
short-hand for biatches.
you biahs need to shut your holes.
by biah2222 February 04, 2011
Biah is a word that is used in place of yeah.
1. How are you doing today?
2. I'm doing pretty good tody.
1. Well thats good.
2. Biah!
by Wan_93 January 01, 2009
Blatantly Ignorant Ass Hole. Typically refers to people who overuse the internet shorthand typing style and also use extremely poor grammer. Not to be confused with 1337 talk.
An example of what a BIAH would say: OMG Liek did u c wat julie was wearing 2day? She didnt even check 2 c if it matched wit her shoes. i tryd 2 talk 2 her but she was all liek "OMG i will change it b4 the dance."
by 2NafAgok July 27, 2008
A clan from Call of Duty 4 founded by Mark Max and Travis and will rape and or poop on any clan out there.
Dude we just got pooped on by Clan BIAH
by travis Teeselink May 07, 2008

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