one who is interested in bisexuality as a potential life style or self-ID. one who wishes to explore their capacity for a bisexual or same-sex relationship.
maria had been married and dated men, but after meeting denise she became more bi-curious.
by dagger_grrl October 11, 2003
Top Definition
Somone who has an intense intrest in bisexualality, and/or suspects they may be bisexual, however does not classify themself as bisexual as of yet.
Though Anne was attracted to men, she had a slight attraction to women too, leading her to become bi curious.
by Kat of t3h Happyness May 18, 2005
One who, although untried as of yet, finds themselves curiously attracted to members of the same sex for the purpose of sexual pleasure and experimentation.
She had always been curious about what sex with another woman would be like but since she had never experienced it, she labeled herself bicurious.
by NNaughty Girl April 13, 2003
when someone is curious and has sexual thoughts about a person of the same sex.
Dan liked girls, but still had some thoughts about dudes, so he thought of himself as bi-curious
by Laura September 01, 2004
Someone (can be male or female) who is interested in exploring sex with a memeber of their own gender but who either hasn't gotten around to it yet or the thought isn't a raging priority. Often used by people who are unsure whether or not they are bisexual, homosexual or hetrosexual.
Cindy is bicurious whereas Tucker is bisexual.
by OneBadAsp October 22, 2006
A person who is engaging in heterosexual activities or has primarily heterosexual tendencies, but is also experiencing arousal by the same sex. Thoughts/visions of the same sex activity, but not yet acting on those feelings. A desire to explore intimate things with the same sex.

Typically, those who are bi-curious do eventually experience bisexuality. (Why choose? Why not have both? Be greedy...etc)

Bi-curiosity can also be a precursor to other sexual activities such as poly relationships, group sex (3-somes). (Like they say, curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought her back!)

Females seem to be more apt to admit bi-curiosity than males.
My girlfriend Maggie is so sexy, I just had to tell her that I'm hella bi-curious.

Girl, when another female tells you you're hot, she's gotta be at least, bi-curious!
by The Lady Pav December 13, 2008
someone who thinks they may be bisexual but has not taken part in acts of same sex so cannot be labelled bisexual
I haven't had sex with a girl but I find them attractive so I'm bicurious
by Roxy November 02, 2005
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