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Someone that is cooler than the world.
You're so totally bhumi.
by REBECA1177717171 January 18, 2005
someone who fights for their voice
someone who is sweet
someone who is beautiful, inside and out
someone whose intelligence knows no bounds
wow, that bhumi, shes amazing
by save a vowel January 02, 2008
earth(real defination) and someone who has low self-esteem and whom doesn like to show off. someone whos athletic but yet smart and has despicable traits
the earth is the energy for Bhumi's to prosper even more
by shobanaa April 30, 2005
a woman who is known for her glow and beauty; she is known to want 'ding dongs' and loves to use her mouth to say it; she has an exquisite taste in men and provides strong, vibrant, passionate vibes as an independent, simple, and strong woman.
Bhen was there being a bhumi while her friend drove to Lawerance.
by VocabDude March 13, 2010
the biggest bitch of the world.
you're the ugliest and the most bhumi type of person i've ever met
by your worst nightmare March 30, 2005
A caucasian whore, generally under-age.
I can't believe she slept with that 22 year old. She's only 17! Such a Bhumi!
by Daniel the Jew April 12, 2008
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