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Bring hot single babes; You need to bring a "hot single babe" with you to the party or else you can't get in. It's mostly for loser guys, thinking that if there are more than enough single girls, they will actually have a chance at hooking up and getting laid. The party is most likely going to be a huge "sausage fest," unless they actually have a decent place and good drinks; though, still, they will not have even a slim chance of getting laid.
Hey, Rick, we're throwing an awesome party Saturday night, but since we're losers and can't get our own girls, it's going to be a bhsb's party only.
by Greg Pianoski August 19, 2006

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Batley High School for Boys. A school so bad that if OFSTED had nukes, they would nuke that school. There doesnt seem to be much of this "education" business there, as the budget is spent on payin cowboy builders to drive around in a digger for hours on end.
Change the lyrics of "every days like sunday" by the ledgendary Morrisey from a derilict sea side town to a derilict school and ur there.
by Billy Balboa July 15, 2004