Stands for Bangin' huge shit.
Bridy: I feel one coming!
Will: What's that?
Bridy: A BHS!
by wjrh August 23, 2011
Acronym used in texting for "Be Home Soon".
Wife's text: Where the fuck r u??!!
Husband's reply text: Buying you flowers. BHS :)
Wife's text: WTF??? It's 3 AM
Husband's text: Fine, I'm not buying you flowers. Actually, I'm in the drunk tank.
by Nitrolian December 15, 2013
born here syndrome .. Generally a small town attitude against people that moved there recently. Snubbing the newbie, keeping newcomers out of the group activities.
He's lived here for 10 years and now he has bhs.
by Chicagodave April 16, 2015
The school for the high. Located in the central area of drug trade in beverly,ma, its a great school to party and get buzzed during recess. Do not ever go here. Even the Prep is better then here. Just kidding. Nothing is worst then the Prep.
Person 1: Hey what highschool are you going to?
Person 2: BHS! you?
Person1: Dude, are you like a druggie aready at the tender age of 14? Wow, sad.
Person 2: Where are you going then?
Person 1: Not there ( or the Prep!)
by daisydoll October 02, 2009
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