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A acronym for "black from the back"... meaning one who this is said of has a large backside
When that white girl walks by, all my homies say she's bftb.
by Superman March 22, 2005
5 1

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1. Bitch From The Back, usually referring to a school classroom setting.

2. The person/people who sit in the back of the room that no one likes.

Plural Form: BFTBs (Bitches From the Back)
That BFTB is totally trying to flirt with your boyfriend.
by AFort September 23, 2011
3 2
Big Fat Titty Balls - A term to describe large breasts or big fat tits.
"Looka dat chick, she's got BFTB's!!!!!"
by Benderover July 25, 2005
5 8