Plural of 'bf,' therefore 'boyfriends'.
So dish, are there any bfs I should know about?
by Jonnners August 11, 2006
Acronym for Big Fucking Sandwich. A very large sandwich, usually consisting of more than two slices of bread, along with meat and cheese in between each slice.
"I'm hungry, I'm gonna go make a BFS."
by ZeroPaladn November 10, 2008
best friend status-an unbreakable bond in which one cant lie.
friend one- i got dome from this really hot girl (the lie)
friend two- bfs?
friend one- no i actually didnt.

friend one- i got dome from this really hot girl (the lie)
friend two- oh shit really?
friend one-yea
by youknowhowido77 July 20, 2011
Boy For Sex: Kinda like BFF only less friendly and more sexie if like you know what I mean.
A.K.A. Boy For Score
Used like, I'm going out to GNO to find a BFS! "He's my BFS." or "He's one of my best BFS."

Or like, ''We're Hop'in to find a BFS!"

by Sunshine4321 March 08, 2010
Big Fucking Sandwich
Jesus fucking Christ I'm so fucking hungry. I've got half a pound of roast beef, three slices of swiss, and wheat bread. It's time for a BFS.
by IFuckingLoveSandwiches January 13, 2009
And I can still see your dad, runnin' after me with a shovel in his hand, I don't remember much after that.
by brad_sk88 January 18, 2004
The needing of a Big Fat Shit!
"im off for a BFS, i may be a while"
by tanya. a October 23, 2006

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