Acronym for Big Fucking Sandwich. A very large sandwich, usually consisting of more than two slices of bread, along with meat and cheese in between each slice.
"I'm hungry, I'm gonna go make a BFS."
by ZeroPaladn November 10, 2008
Plural of 'bf,' therefore 'boyfriends'.
So dish, are there any bfs I should know about?
by Jonnners August 11, 2006
The B.F.S. is the Big Fucking Santa that stands in the Lake in Newtonville MA, right next to the Dunkies. They put it up September and he is there until April. There is no missing him since he stands 80 feet tall.
Who knows where they store that Bastard?
Stupid Bimbo: How do I get back to my car? I think I left it at the bar.

McKay: Take a right outta here and then bank a left at the B.F.S. and the bar is 2 miles up on the right. See ya!
by Robert Orr October 18, 2006
Boy For Sex: Kinda like BFF only less friendly and more sexie if like you know what I mean.
A.K.A. Boy For Score
Used like, I'm going out to GNO to find a BFS! "He's my BFS." or "He's one of my best BFS."

Or like, ''We're Hop'in to find a BFS!"

by Sunshine4321 March 08, 2010
best friend status-an unbreakable bond in which one cant lie.
friend one- i got dome from this really hot girl (the lie)
friend two- bfs?
friend one- no i actually didnt.

friend one- i got dome from this really hot girl (the lie)
friend two- oh shit really?
friend one-yea
by youknowhowido77 July 20, 2011
Big Fucking Sandwich
Jesus fucking Christ I'm so fucking hungry. I've got half a pound of roast beef, three slices of swiss, and wheat bread. It's time for a BFS.
by IFuckingLoveSandwiches January 13, 2009
And I can still see your dad, runnin' after me with a shovel in his hand, I don't remember much after that.
by brad_sk88 January 18, 2004

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