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"You're my BFBF!"

-"Quit fucking stalking me."
by STR G8TE September 07, 2009
A little known term for someone being your best friend and boyfriend. Seldom used.
Alice: Oh Jason guess what?

Jason: What?

Alice: You're my bfbf.

Jason: What does that mean?

Alice: It means you're my best friend and my boyfriend.

Jason: Oh.
by it's_strictly_sexual June 13, 2010
This is an abbreviation i came up with meaning :) best fuckbuddies forever.I was SURPISED when i didnt see it defined on urban dictionary.i was thinking it wasnt original but hey i geuss it is :D BFBF!
Jack:I Love you

Shelly:sorry that wont work because were never gonna date.Benifits is all im lookin for

Jack:so ur saying we are gonna be BFBF?

by SheldanArrisa April 05, 2009
Big Firey (or flippin') Blue Flame. Used as a saying to ward off a large inferno or warn someone when someone disobeys basic fire-safety rules.
My friend put the paper plate on the gas range and quickly turned it off. So I said BFBF!

I yelled "Dude! BFBF!" as K. Gibler went to set the 5 year old newspapers onto the halogen torcheire which was turned on.
by Wm. Wallace the Freedom Fighter October 28, 2007