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originated from a dave chapelle skit poking fun at an excited campaigning politician, now commonly used to mark the end of a long list of chores or to accentuate the end of an excited statement.
First we're going to HEB! Then we're goin' the watch the game at my homies! then we're goin to try to pick up my cuntalope, then I'm getting more drunk! then i'm doin the dishes! then the laundry! after that Ill need to pick up some squares from the corner store! then I'm walking the dog! Beyah!
by Shazbob December 07, 2006
bullshit used mainly in the chuck,SC
Man you smell like BEYAH.
Thats some BEYAH.
by Southernsmoke29 November 02, 2006
a phrase used to express a gay man's orientation to others... ususlly when this term is used, people will not laugh or express any disgust towards the person.
John - BEYAH!!!!
Mary - oh, i didn't know you were... "like that"... its cool tho...
by Jameson gregorill May 19, 2008