A boring suburb of Washington D.C., where all the students are way too tense, the drivers are horrible, there's nothing to do but go to restaurants, and everything is dead silent after ten o'clock. Unless you are age 0-10 or 45+, please look elsewhere for a city.
Guy #1: Hey what should we do tonight?
Guy #2: Let's go to Bethesda!
Guy #1: ...
Guy #2: Nevermind. Let's go to your place and do something exciting like watching the weather channel.
by Delmarvin January 25, 2009
A city in Maryland, in the county of Montgomery.

Widely known for it's many restaurants and its relaxing, friendly environment.

my 360 is broken and im really bored. i sent it in to repairs about a week ago because it had the red ring of death. how long does it take for them to send me a repaired/refurbished xbox? my parents left today and are out of town and i have nothing to do. for example, today (a 2-hour delay), i had nothing to do when i got home. i was so bored that i watched dr. phil. then i called my friend and i was willing to PAY him to let me borrow his 360. also, the nuggets lost. what a terrible day

bethesda, in reality, is REALLY boring. NOBODY goes out and eats besides studs. all their is to do is play games and study. school is also really boring in this city and very competitive so you shouldn't move here if you're looking for a good education. additionally, bethesda is so large in size that you can't drive or walk out of it. basically you're stuck. wow this place sucks. hopefully i get my 360 soon tho .
Kid 1: Wow there's seriously NOTHING to do here.
Kid 2: Let's just play NBA 2k8.
Kid 1: My 360 broke.
Kid 2: My god bethesda sucks...

James: Let's do something tonight dude.
Henry: I can't, I've been stuck in traffic for the past hour and it doesn't look like it's dying down.
James: Wow...bethesda SUCKS.

Emily: im so drunk
Joe: same
Emily: i g2g study l8r
Joe: bethesda CANT get any worse.
by hop hop hop February 13, 2008
One of the best game developers in the world. Creators of the Elder Scrolls series.
Bethesda created Morrowind, the best game in the world.
by The Ultimate Grunt January 16, 2004
The worst game developer in the world next to Ubisoft, E.A and Treyarch. These guys know how to milk a single game as they are all guilty of re-releasing numerous editions of the same game within a year. Bethesda is responsible for semi-enjoyable-for-the-first-four-hours empty open world games which have horrible writing, poor role-playing options, atrocious combat and an army of software bugs.
If you're playing a game that has over 20 game ending bugs then it's either an Obsidian, Lionhead Studios or Bethesda game.
by Skialian December 19, 2013
1. a town in Wales

2. a kick-ass games development company.
Bethesda kick ass! Damn straight.
by bread infection December 09, 2009
HOME OF EDGEMOOR COUNTRY CLUB....we may not have a golf course but EFLers sure know how to have fun!!! E.F.L!!!!!
Edgemoor For Life you all know who you are
by FELAL October 20, 2004

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