The most conservative channel on cable television.

It has numerous religious shows, supports gun ownership, celebrates fiscal independency, and appears to be resistant to progress and new ideas.

Also it is at times racist, homophobic, sexist, and unoriginal (not to say that conservatives are racist, homophobic, sexist or unoriginal but...come on...)
You know that a channel is conservative when it begins nearly every day with four hours of religious programming.
by forks July 28, 2005
Real music? on B.E.T.? LOLOLOL. The only things B.E.T. plays are the pieces of shit known as nu-rap and R&B ballad.
The day B.E.T. starts playing real music will be the day i start watching it for more than two minutes.
by Carusso April 21, 2003
Black Entertainment Television also known as Animal Planet is the result of some half retarded monkey inheriting millions and deciding to invest it in absolutely worthless bull shit.
Mark: hey man did you watch BET last night?

Aaron: no if i wanted to see monkeys i would just go to the zoo and make a day of it.
by Ronis Mcfinnigan September 06, 2009
Black Entertainment Television. A channel, owned by Viacom, that caters to what white people think are the interests of African-Americans. It is neither evidence of affirmative action nor racism, since white people have the Country Music Television (CMT) channel (not to mention CNN, Golf and Food Networks, and all other channels, etc)and Hispanics have Univision and Telemundo. While BET is "for" African-Americans, it does not necessarily represent the views, ideas and interests of all African-Americans, just like CMT or Univision do not represent all whites and hispanics.
B.E.T. is television channel that focuses on what white people think are the interests of African-Americans.
by somewhitesareignorant September 16, 2006
as in "you bet", you know it, or I will do it.
"dog, i need chew to do sometin"
Black Entertainment Television. Usually makes whites look bad in a indirect way, talking about how the black race has suffered slavery, when really none of the slaves are still alive today. Also takes pride in the fact that they 'came from the ghetto'.
BET can't seem to remember that the 'actual' blacks can't afford cable, so only the plush blacks from the 'burbs watch it.
by Freak Obscene April 17, 2004
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