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A television channel watched primarily by Asian girls who wish they were black, in light of the fact that real black people watch VH1 and Comedy Central like everyone else.
Most people occasionally watch BET for the music videos.
by rsposys August 06, 2005
Archaic plural of "cow"
The seven thin and wasted kine ate up the seven fat kine
by rsposys January 30, 2005
A creature of ultimate destruction which will come into existence in the year 2000, when the birds and the bees finally get it on.
"In the year 2000 the birds and the bees will finally get it on, creating the most feared creature ever: the bumblehawk"
by rsposys January 10, 2005
De facto slang word for "alcohol"
Us: "We've got to go back into town and get Nyman!"

Her: "Is that what you call alcohol?"

Us: (Looking back and forth shiftily) "It is now"
by rsposys August 06, 2005

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