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Not a word one would use ever. It is grammatically incorrect.
I am great.
I am better
I am best
I am bestest
Not a word, man.
by Legen-wait for it-dairy. June 18, 2013
7 8
Best, Cool, Awsome
Cassidy is the bestest.
by xX FR4$3R Xx November 04, 2009
8 12
Your best best friend. They are better than best.
"Devi is my bestest."
by KevinAteHoes May 06, 2010
27 33
Another way to say something that is more best to you
I have one BESTEST friend that is.... someone???
by Sirlankangirl February 16, 2010
3 9
Better than best. It's the bestEST.
The popcorn was the BESTEST thing they'd ever eaten.
by Julia<3 January 30, 2009
3 9
Opposite to worstest.
You are the bestest human being available!

He is the worstest scum ever.
by Melita November 21, 2005
6 12
maximally good. as good as possible.
behave to her like hers bestest friend and you will have her.
by thcking April 21, 2011
0 7