Better than best. It's the bestEST.
The popcorn was the BESTEST thing they'd ever eaten.
by Julia<3 January 30, 2009
better than best. Taking best to the next level.

Incorrect suprerlative form of best
"You're the bestest friend ever!"

"You're the bestest soccer player I've ever seen!"

"You're the bestest teddy!"
by Mary Kub November 04, 2008
Commonly known as a male who shows how much he cares about you, He's sweet and kind and a gentlemen. He's cute, and handsome and funny. He's intelligent active and all around an Amazing guy. He can be found as your bestfriend, or your greatest friend who would do anything for you.
Teddy Is the bestest<3 !
by Jenna.Bear. October 29, 2011
saying you're good in a sarcastic way, to imply that you're bad
Surgical is the bestest at podcasts.
Think about the good.

Now think about the best.

Well, bestest is better than the best. Now you can go use it all over the nerd forums on the Internet and try to look cool.
Nerd1: 0MG LoLz I HaEV C00kies!1
Nerd2: YaY C00KIES!1!111111oneone
Guy trying to look like a cool nerd: YEZ COOKIES ARE TEH BESTEST EVAH LOLOLOLO
Nerd1: ...
Nerd1: Asshole.
by Jonny12345 October 16, 2007
A wonderful, amazing, kind, thoughtful, hilarious, sweet, smart, and super awesome someone.
Brittany is my Bestest.
by Favs March 12, 2004
WARNING: Dont overuse it or you will sound insincere and stupid.

1 (verb) The greatest, awesomest, best thing ever in the world ever! Despite sounding retarded, it is better than saying best.

2 (noun) Word used to describe your favourite person(or people) to have cybersex with. Cybersex is also called "talking" Mostly used in front of small children, parents, other unapproving people.

Also called a special friend. Not to be confused with a bestest friend. Ever.
1 They weren't just best friends, they were bestest friends.

2 (a converstion)
Person 1: "So, erm, my... bestest... and me, we were "talking" on msn for an hour."
Person 2: "Wow, whats their addy? I need to talk to them!"
Small kid/Parent/Unapproving Person: "Huh?"

by Lyddy Cool January 27, 2007

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