Look, check it, he smells like really funky, but, i also agree, that if he took a shower I too woud do more than hump his leg... Despite his funky smell and his hideous and unclean hair, overall, he's a pretty nice guy. I actually got a chance to hang with him and he's just like a little teddy bear... but, not teddy bearish like Jack..... More like an old, smelly, discolored teddy bear.... but, i have his number too, his voice, onstage and off, is orgasmic! wow........
Bert McCraken is a really hott, funky smelling guy with a 91/2 in dick....... I kno
by BrIdEoFjAcK April 22, 2004
Top Definition
The extremely outgoing, loud, funny, good looking, talented, singer/screamer/songwriter of The Used who writes AMAZING lyrics.
I'm high as fuck now.
by pseudonym February 12, 2005
basically, a chain smoking dirty rock boy. He's amazingly poetic and has an incredible voice. hes altogether some seriously talented hot shit.
he pukes onstage alot, and even that is hot
by your favorite mistake April 29, 2005
walking perfection
Bert McCracken is beautiful.
by Ashton November 17, 2003
the hottest man alive.. very good artist and very fuckin fine
whoa.. she was hott.. hott like bert!
by sumone... July 13, 2004
HOTT in a crack addict kinda way.
bert mccracken is hot.
by Angela February 10, 2005
I met him and got to hug him. And he definately is one of the coolest people I have ever met!
funny, sexy, hot
by Lisa November 14, 2003
hmmmmm...... I wonder if Bert swings both ways? i'll ask him WHEN I SEE THE USED!!!!!!!!!! ANUS
bert: very hot guy!
by Todd October 08, 2003
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