the lead vocalist of the used and epitomy of hot. writes amazing songs that make me want to cry. (the fact that he dated kelly osbourne doesn't take away from his hot bert essence. nothing can. sorry.)
you'll never find it if you're looking for it.
by rad April 18, 2005
from what i have seen of him he looks like a realy cool guy and fucking his leg whats with you peeps and your dirty minds
i cant waight till the next show!!!
by EmmaG December 01, 2003
An awsome singer ... also a great lyric writer,funny and nice person
Bert McCracken is one of the greatest singers I've Heard of Ever!
by Kim F. September 01, 2003
The only person that can pull of the greasy hair and still look hot as all hell! I mean, wow, look at him! Get real chickie... We all wanna do more than just hump his leg, I could say more but I probably shouldn't! Mmmm.. Bert!
I could fuck Bert all night and his greasy hair wouldn't bother me. LOL
by JoeMomma September 15, 2003
Berts fucking amazing! His screaming is a rush and I live for that mother fucker....
I'd do him ina second ;)
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
there are no words to describe him......well, you know, except: hot, amazing, beautiful, shaggable, talented, awesome, bad. Oh yeah, and MINE
what the hell do i type here
by Cori McCracken December 21, 2003
Bert McCracken= sexy. somethin youd like to fuck.
Wow you look so Bert McCracken today! Lets fuck!
by Z FU October 15, 2003
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