1. A tasty treat consisting of frozen yogurt and delicious berries mixed together in a cup eaten with a spoon and a smile.

2. When you secretly want to leave a lame party for an ice cream delight but don't want to be obvious about it.
Meagan: Hey let's go to UDF and get a berry blast!
Ryan: I'd rather rub tanning oil all over myself

Dude #1: This party sucks rocks
Dude #2: Let's berry blast this joint!
by c+m June 20, 2007
Top Definition
Right before a girl's about to cum when a guy sticks his balls in a girl's vagina until they become swollen and red, like berries, and she quifs them out—causing the blast.
Guy 1: I tried to fuck my girl with my balls but she quiffed me out! Now they hurt so bad
Guy 2: Dude....you got berry blasted!
by berryblast2010 September 22, 2010
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