A nickname for a girl who plays the game like a champ.

She gets everyone to fall in love with her, tears them down and then builds them back up. She pushes them away and then drags them back when she feels like they're drifting too far. She always leaves people wanting more, and she usually turns single and available people into single and unavailable due to the deep infatuation or love they have for her.

The term "trapped in the Bermuda Triangle" is basically stating, "You're under her spell, face it.. you're always going to want her no matter what."
"Dude, I don't know. She just has this.. control over me. I hate it."
"You're trapped in the Bermuda Triangle, man."
by fkljfkljlaf November 22, 2009
bermuda triangle is when three male counterparts and three female counterparts partcipate in a sexual act involving the three females to be bent over and or on their knees while the male counterparts have doggy style sex behind them while all placing hands in the air together forming a triangle. Its tradition that the males all in unison slap the right butt cheek of the female on a 1, 2, 3 count.
dudes, we should totally get out ol ladys to do the bermuda triangle.

Man I cant believe we got our ladies lost in the bermuda triangle last night.
by guttermouthkid May 27, 2009
When a girl has all three holes filled at the same time by three different men.
Dude, last night was great she was down for a bermuda triangle! Me, Timmy and Jake had our dicks disappear like ships in the sea.
by Jeff slash you in the face October 11, 2009
The routine one falls into after celebrating their twentyfirst birthday.


Bar Home
Sorry I haven't talked to you in five years. Lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
by somestupidkid August 16, 2005
When going down on a girl you are suprised to find a hairy nasty dirty bush and you feel like you are never getting out of there alive
i went down on this bitch and i had no idea she had a bermuda triangle i didnt think i was making it out alive so i gave her a pussy pancake
by Trav's09 December 14, 2008
The act of two cars parking diagonally on either side of another car to form a triangle shape with the curb, thus making it difficult for the middle car to leave.
(Noun) We thought it would be funny if we made a bermuda triangle around him in the parking lot.

(Verb) I couldnt leave the movies until 9 because two people decided to bermuda triangle me in the parking lot.
by rickst13 February 16, 2004
a bitch with a real loose vagina and shes so stretched out that you might not make it out
She has a pussy the size of the bermuda triangle
by Stacy Goodcare March 21, 2008

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