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When three guys do a Eiffel Tower on a girl... Makes the girl disappear!!!
Warden, Cinfici and Langley ran a Bermuda Triangle on her.. When I walked in I couldn't even see the girl!
by xXxrevoXx December 12, 2013
The act of a girl riding a guys face while another girl is riding his cock, meanwhile both are making out with eachother connecting and forming what is called the Bermuda Triangle.
Last night Megan, Sarah, and I made the sickest Bermuda Triangle.
by Dale Dobeck March 07, 2014
A girl's Y area.
Dude,i was dining in jenny's Bermuda triangle last night.
by Titus Rutto December 30, 2013
A sex act where a lady is simultaneously pleasured by three men and is never seen or heard from again.
"Hey Jeff and Phil! Want to join me in taking Sheila to the Bermuda Triangle?"

"Oh man, I though you'd never ask!"

"I'm in!"
by MCprofK April 29, 2013
The small hole, shaped like a triangle located only under a woman's nice tight ass, in between her legs. Only noticeable at the precise moment when her thighs touch, creating a hole above the touching thighs, and under the ass, through which you can see in front of the lady in question. Some men are said to get lost there.
"Hey Tim, Sarah is wearing those tight yoga pants again, look at that Bermuda Triangle, you can see the photo booth from here."
by Cupcake 7137 January 15, 2013
A three-way 69
I didn't think it was possible, but we totally did the Bermuda Triangle!
by reedwardo August 19, 2011
When two girls roofie a guy, and then one girl sits on his face, and the other on his dick and they high five.

female counterpart of the eiffel tower
Meg: Dude we totally Bermuda Triangle'd that guy last night
Christine: fuck yes.
by megoose July 23, 2009