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probably the best guy that every lived. a true hero .
see two guys and a girl.
by SeanX May 13, 2003
As a last name, this word means "strength". This comes from the latin word iceberg, berg meaning "mountain". It also means "bear". The one who posses this as a name has great determination, will power and strength.
Bjorn Berg
by bjron March 01, 2010
a nugg or bowl of weed. in refrence to an iceberg. seattle has the best bergs.
lets go smerg a berg?
by foodogg August 28, 2006
A hood in Alexandria, Virgina. The name was given to this community by fomer war victims in the 1960's from petersburg Virgina. Nicknames for the hood are
Down Bottom and 300 Block. The local gangs in thet area are tha squad and c-mob.
Man I from da Bergz

Dem bergs are crazy
by rick jackson June 18, 2006
Verb -

To dupe someone into believing something that is not possibly true for your own amusement, through confident presentation of false statements.
Watch this, I am going to berg Mike into believing that you can tourniquet the neck to stop a cranial bleed.
by BattleBorne December 22, 2014
–verb; stimulation of the penis by means of sliding it between a fleshy member of another human body, esp. to orgasm. Specifically related to acts that do not involve enclosed cavities such as tje vigina, anus, or mouth, ie. vaginal sex is not Bergging.
Titty sex is the most popular form of berging.
by Brian's Friend May 15, 2008
When a girl has beautiful slender face shot on her personal website ( facebook, myspace etc...) but a really fat body that does not suit her head.
Dude... look at this girl, look at her face isn't she hot"

"I don't know man, scroll down.."

in unison : "OH MAN SHE'S A 'BERG!!!"
by P.O.NEILL August 15, 2008
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