When a girl has beautiful slender face shot on her personal website ( facebook, myspace etc...) but a really fat body that does not suit her head.
Dude... look at this girl, look at her face isn't she hot"

"I don't know man, scroll down.."

in unison : "OH MAN SHE'S A 'BERG!!!"
by P.O.NEILL August 15, 2008
a fowl and disgusting bowel movement that is painful
After not crapping for days, I finally dropped that berg. Now I'm bleeding like a bitch, and everyone near the mens room went running for cover
by pyroclastic flow February 10, 2009
From "iceberg", can be either a verb or noun. "To berg" is to crap so much that the top of the turd peeks out above the waterline.
Don't go in there, dude -- I just berged!!!
by ManlyBulge November 01, 2007
a homosexual act involving frozen chicekns between men of Scandinavian origin
Mr Salty and Mr McDonald carefully defrosted the Steggle's chicken in preparation for the messiest Berg ever.
by Uncle Ted August 08, 2003
A noun; A DUDE BRO who resembles a chod by stature and one who appreciates steroids and weights over a pair of tits. This is a man who is often found performing homosexual acts; but he escapes being called gay by clinching his ass cheeks in front of his accusers.

GIRL 1: Wasn't that party great last night?
GIRL 2: Ha, LOL. No, like there was a total berg who was macking on me all night. He kept inviting me into the bird cage.
GIRL 1; O gross. Did you go with him?
GIRL 1: Like no, I walked into the room and there were a bunch of dudes in there.
by DJ Middleton April 26, 2009
A wanton homosexual.
"For god's sake Tim - do you have to be such a Berg all the time!"
by Jehann Manlove August 08, 2003
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