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To give something unpleasant on your way out, as an old woman would pass foul air as she passes on.
"Ugh, my boss bequeefed me a whole stack of paperwork right before he left on vacation!"
by Mac_181 December 11, 2011
1. this word is usually mistaken for the word bequeath. But some people use the word pervertedly when heard in an educational visual presentation of early Egyptian architecture.

2. the word queef with be on the front.
1. His wife bequeefed a hammer to me.

2. Jimmy bequeefed a salt packet from my lunch tray.
by Sho February 03, 2004
to bequeath a queef; i.e., to present one with a situation as undesirable or problematic as vaginal flatulence.
What is this shit you have bequeefed on me?

Sorry to bequeef this on you, but this is a search warrant.
by DebbieDowner17334 February 24, 2011
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