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the fucking horniest and kinkiest guy ive eva cum across!!!
room for 2 in that shirt?
by lou_la_belle December 07, 2004
33 23
Greatness in every sense of the word. Used to describe men,somebody that is Benni is adored by females the world over, and worshipped by aspiring young guitarists all over the planet. If u r Benni, u r the MAN!
I love u so much. u r Benni.
by Adam Cawdery April 10, 2003
58 18
Benni is tha luckiest nicest guy eva n he has hot hair n plays socca!!
check out that benni
by tamara April 03, 2005
34 24
The act of banging a college chick raw dawg at a family party.
Guy 1: How was the family party?

Guy 2: Awesome! I Bennis'd this chick from Umass Lowell!
by Marshvegas July 21, 2010
7 4
Slang term to cock, scallywag, penis.

Popularized online.
When he stood up to give his presentation his bennis was raging up a storm
by Hukani April 29, 2005
7 7