A term commonly used to describe a period of time (preferably more than 24 hours) spent escaping life's harsh realities (marriage, work etc) Consumption of alcohol and drugs is a must. Anything goes.
"Any idea why Tim isn't at his desk?"
"I think he's still on a bender from the weekend, why?"
"His wife is looking for him..."
"Deary me!"
by OB July 27, 2005
a bender is a really bad hockey player. their skates bend in at the ankles, their knees bend in, and their back is bent over and they are leaning on their stick because they have no control over what they are doing and they can't skate.
-in a men's league where nobody can skate and they are all bad
-look at all of those benders, they are so bad.
-you can also have benderitis, very hard to get rid of.
by Alex Digirolamo April 15, 2007
1. A long prelongued bout of alchoholic self punishment.

2. A pretty innoffensive Brit slang word for a poof.

3. A character on the TV show Futurama.
1. Fuck you all, Im off on a bender.

2. Are you really a bender?

by ..WiL May 21, 2005
The absolute greatest robot ever, real or not.
The first letter in Bender's name should be capitalized.
by Adrian October 22, 2006
In the UK, a homosexual. In other words, someone who is bent, that is, not straight.
"No way, you'll make me sound like a bender!"
-Gareth in the original TV series of The Office.
by Pedgerow June 15, 2005
when you get mind blowingly drunk for a period of three or more days.
Dude, i went on this 6 day bender after we lost the race.
by Emily Anne May 18, 2005
british slang for a poof (homosexual)
Hey Johnny, look at those pair of benders gaying it up on the dance floor
by duffy - gravesend August 30, 2014
a term describing a compassionate, loving, yet silly person who keeps hearts under lock and key, forever under their watch
Ryan: I'm never letting you go, love.
Elaine: You're such a bender!
by greekprincess95 January 16, 2013

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