Out of the game basically no chance with the woman/man
Ex. woman must pick between 2 men but doesnt really choose and one of the men know they've been benched.
"You've still got a chance"
"Ive been benched"
"you -"
by NiteEclipse August 16, 2005
A group of elitists who practise very exclusionary techniques. From bench meaning gang hangout.
I went by the Bench today and barely made it past with my life.
by Alex J. July 11, 2005
To Bench: To insert an object into the jap-eye of your penis.
What did you do with that pill?

-I benched it.
by Andycantskate December 11, 2008
Used to replace the word bitch when arround children or other people who you know are offended by swear words.
Look out! She'll go all bench on you.
by wild_prairie_gal September 24, 2008
Another word used to describe a digital scale or triple beam (mostly used for weighing drugs).
I hope you got a "bench" this time cause it wasn't right last time.
by 2-Shay March 17, 2006
Bench litrerally means; "Bare-Hench" A combination of 2 frequently used words in UK sub cultures, Bare (taken from the Chav section of society) and Hench (taken from the Metler other half)
That sandwich is Bench!

or can be used in it's full form as follows;

That sandwich is Bare-Hench!!
by Owen April 05, 2005
clothing brand worn by chavs
"I've got a Bench coat, t-shirt, and jeans"
"You fucking chav"
by Jarc July 18, 2007
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