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noun; beyond retarded, someone who isn't special-ed but is still stupid and has no common sense, also gets bad grades; unintelligent.

Derived from the word "special-education" but simplified and modified the "special" to "ben". This word was discovered by an ancient panda-osopher who knew a friend that was named of something, so he took that something and added it in front of this word. Nowadays, new philosophers think that the panda-osopher made this word because in chinese "ben" means "stupid". So there could be two different origins.
HeYAdRee: yaa, he said that it was mean that i rejected someone to homecoming, then he asked me to go with him.
HeYAdRee: LOL!!! you should make a word for that
PaNDarCigar: BAHHAA what about ben-ed? LOL!?
HeYAdRee: YEAH!! (: tell me when it's posted

and now adreannie, the ancient panda-osopher posted it.
by pandaboyx September 26, 2009
receiving half of a hand-job, and when not finished there is extreme pain.
Brah, you've just been bened
by graciejuicer July 30, 2011

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