a cold beer, either a can or bottle
Uncle Bernie came over and he suggested we have a few belts on the porch.
by Squirrel April 29, 2003
To suddenly explode into a run away from some cunt that is chasing you.
''We belted across the bridge tae get away fae they cunts''
by Brendan April 05, 2003
The male genitals.
"That guy has a long and big belt. ;)"
"Ewwww...You're belt's touching me!!!!"
"That guy's belt is mine. No one else can have it tonight."

1. Dick
2. Balls
1. The female genitalia

2. Whatever Justin Beiber has as his body part that releases waste.

Common confusions/related words
1. belt - an object used to hold up saggy pants.
by Bus02154 October 27, 2010
Another name for the heroic "Black Belt Jones," friend of Pop Byrd, enemy of Pinky and the Boggarts, alter ego of Jim "Enter Dragon" Kelly.
"Yo, Pop needs help - go get Belt!"
by Black Belt Jones September 15, 2003
n.1.a completely incoherent and sudden expression. 2. a blurted phrase or word that has nothing to do with the subject on hand
v. 1.to utter something that has nothign to do with anything in the subject 2. to drop your pants in a public lockerroom.
n. the belt that henry shouted made no since at all
v. he belted in the lockerroom
by yes June 27, 2004
to masturbate a penis
"I had a belt this morning."
by Josh November 15, 2004

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