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One who is a step ahead of the other person, and need not make a loud noise about things.
He thought Belsky was a fag until he rolled his old lady's eyes back and she left the asshole.
by Tomas Belsky July 04, 2006
15 9
a person so dirt, they would be described as a neuteboom (see neuteboom for clarification)

it showers everyday, and somehow STILL manages to smell worse then hayner, and hollz combined......filth.
jesus christ man, you need to scrub better in the shower....you fuckin belsky.
by Hayner May 21, 2006
7 20
Someone who really stinks at sports
A jewish person
Someone who screws you over
1 ) Dude, that fat kid over there is a fat belsky
2 ) People who are belsky, get off some days of school
3 ) Dude, why did you have to pull a belsky and fuck my girlfriend
by Chris Neutebooom October 06, 2005
10 25