A liberal arts college with the reputation of having ugly females with massive amounts of bodyhair. A gathering of the most unattractive women from across America.

An adjective, meaning ugly, strange, bizzare, "unique."
God damn it, Beloit!

That girl is so Beloit, I want to vomit.
by Thrilla in Vanilla November 24, 2004
Top Definition
greatest city on earth, only haters will speak bad about
man ima check in at beloit, u no c whats happenin, just hope i dont get robbed again--i want my pokemon cards back bytch!!!!
by 2kwik December 08, 2003
Anything, everything, and nothing all at the same time.
Man1 : Dude did you see the giant Beloit on that chick?
Man 2: Yeah dude I'd tap that.


Man1: Dude it smells like Beloit in here.
Man 2 : Yeah you should really light a match next time.


Man 1: I got my Beloit all over that girls back.
Man 2: Yeah you really super mand that ho.
by oldgregg_26 August 05, 2009
1) The sound of crap splashing into a river.
2) A very poor, stagnant, small industrial town located centrally between Chicago, Milwaukee, Rockford IL, and Madison WI.
Ever seen green river water... I have, in Beloit. And it smells too.
by Rocker-in Roller Man October 13, 2003
The city called the ass-crack of Wisconsin. Filled with wannabe-gangs, drugs, violence and all-around idiocy.
"We went to Chicago but drove right around Beloit instead of going through it. I don't feel like replacing any more windows."
by Angelica October 03, 2004
The sound a turd makes when it hits the toilet water.
As the transatlantic cable slipped from my rectum and into the water, I distinctly heard the sound "beloit" rise from the toilet bowl.
by Charles Shonat November 26, 2003
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