On habbo, FairyTailed- aka bellend? her names belle, but like it is. shes so fake, but idc, shes getting my gb comments up. ikr fit. anyway, shes the definition of a bellend xxxxx
me: bellends a bellend xx
by Lucy12342464 December 02, 2009
Pertaining to Sat. A fool who knows no limit in the Wolverhampton area.
Sat, you really are a bell end. Why don't you listen to people before asking them the next question. You bell end.
by Sat O'Matic September 12, 2007
swolen end of penis most commonly in the shape of a "fireman's helmet" and in my case the size as well.
get u're bell out of my damn ear!!
by Crocky April 23, 2004
The West Stand of the City of Manchester Stadium - named after former Manchester City player Colin Bell
"Stick your Bell end up your arse" - Manchester United fans
by Mike F November 13, 2003
Reference to a circumcised penis.
"Dude, you have a bell end? I've never seen one before!"
by lame.com November 19, 2008
My neighbour is one. And so is her entire family. They are known as a flock of Bell-ends.
"Oi, you're all Bell-ends". This is an example of me saying hello to the family next door.
by sebastian johansonson January 15, 2006
Tosser (northern irish slang). A complete wanker who is more to be pitied than hated.
What's that bell end doing now??
by Boc2 November 09, 2007
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