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1. (slang) Donald Trump, American business magnate and showcase for the merits of unashamed baldness.

2. (British slang) the glans, head or foreskin of a human penis, so-called for its bell-like shape.
Sense 1: "Following the re-invention of The Apprentice as a political advertisement, the opinion polls predicted a landslide majority for President Bellend."

"Willison Knife Razors. You know it makes sense: just ask Bellend Trump!"

Sense 2: "His hotspot is his bellend: once I touch him there, that's it. Immediate trigger for a crymax."
by Dr. Orthant Jan Glockenspiel April 22, 2011
British slang for the glans penis, or penis head.
Saddam Hussein is a Bellend! (as seen on 'Da Ali G Show')
by Robert Goatse March 03, 2003
The end part of a penis designed so that your hand doesnt slide off when your having a wank
get ma bellend in your mouth bitch
by Paul B January 09, 2004
1. The head of the penis, being vaguely bell shaped. Like a mushroom head.
2. A complete idiot.
When you are drunk, you dance like a bellend.
by esadbaf October 12, 2004
The head of the male penis. The glans.
Do you wanna see my bell end?
by Frank November 23, 2002
The end of a man's beast.
Sadaam is a bell-end. Sort him out.
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
the end of ones cock
Mr. Oller you are a right bell end.........and also get a hair cut!
by el tit face July 29, 2003
1. the glans of the penis
2. a humourosly named tent
3. the end of a bell
1. hes got such a big bellend, but no shaft, hes mushroom rigged
2. come on sheila, lets do it in the bellend!
3. I say vicar, you need to ploish your bellend!
by Neo December 26, 2003