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A compound of two words ignorant and beligerant. Invented by me it is very useful as many beligerant people are ignorant aswell.
Man that guy was a belignorant asshole.
by CallMeBarney July 06, 2005
When you are buzzed up and not making sense, you become beligerant and most likely ignorant. If you have enough sense to put it together, you become belignorant!
My buddy was running his mouth and not making much sense and thus, he was labeled as the belignorant goof ball.
by meganbunny May 18, 2009
A combination of beligerant and ignorant. loud and stupid.
that guy on the corner screaming about 9/11 is belignorant. this is canada.
by neegor December 03, 2008
Belignorant, Belignorance

When someone is aggressively wrong headed.
That lady I just got off the phone with was completely Belignorant.
by GT SnowRacer September 20, 2011

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