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A word supposedly originating from "belligerent", now used completely out of context by frequently intoxicated college students at American Universities (especially Georgetown University).
It's so belig to use the word 'belig' that it makes me want to vom.
Pronounced "buh lidge," this is when an individual gets so intoxicated (usually by alcohol,) that they can become a bit violent or offensive, though mostly by accident. It's kind of like being overzealous and touchy while being drunk.
Oh my god. Today was so difficult I really just want to get belig!
#drunk #crunk #sober #tipsy #bellig
by CVD84 July 25, 2006
Stemming from the skim crown in southern British Columbia, this word is the most efficient way to explain extreme inebriation or "gettin' black". Some believe it is short form for the word "belligerent", but this is untrue. Greasy American tourist have overheard the locals and taken it out of context.
Last night was so belig, we were sniffin' moisties all over the place!
#drunk #black #wasted #hammered #gooned #shloshed #buzzed
by ktownkillakdub February 05, 2010
when you get escorted back to your room by the national guard in a foreign country
Yo Fredo was so belig last night at Tantra when he threw those mugs at us.
#fredo #ecuador #chunky boy #dougie #fresh
by 0ther5 January 06, 2010
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