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the art of covering one's nose with foam while drinking a capuccino as demonstrated by Dr. Evil in the Spy Who Shagged Me.
No. 2- Dr. Evil you have foam on your nose. Dr.Evil- That's how we do it in Belgium, it's called a Belgian Dip.
by Super Guatemala Man February 18, 2008
The act of a man accidentally penetrating a woman's anus during sex. Usually only for one thrust, though still with the risk of getting excrement on ones penis.
"Dude, Tracey was riding me reverse cowgirl last night when my dick slipped out and I got a Belgian dip."
by Randall Ranger May 21, 2014
The act of Lando Commando doing a dance move which involves him dipping his ass down to the floor and then going back up in a sexy "dipping" motion,this has nothing to do with nuts in anybodies mouths.
"look at that dance move,it's the belgian dip!"

by miss-kittie September 04, 2009
To place your testicles between your legs in a fruitbowling manner, followed by defecating on your testicles and then placing them in the desired person's mouth, dipping them up and down.

Belgian dipping was first thought off in a dirty minded stoner's attic, deriving from teabagging and Belgian chocolate. So far there is no proof that belgian dipping has ever taken place. We speculate that the Belgians will be crazy enough to try it out first.
Sarah really enjoyed Peter's belgian dip last night.
by Barry90 June 02, 2009
Belgium is the countrey with the best chocolate.
A balgian dip is accualy dipping nice belgian chocolate in home made (chocolate melted into hot milk)chocolate milk.
Oh man, yesteday i was fealing down, i made myself warm chocolate milk, and had some belgian dips, made me feel all better again
by Tigris November 06, 2007
a teabag while the man (or whoever is putting their balls in the other persons mouth)pees in a glass
by Anonymous February 09, 2003
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