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one of 8 special parts on the body that when touched, a person becomes instantly and viciously aroused.
Bejoty number 1 is the kneecap
Bejoty number 2 is the Achilles tendon
Bejoty number 3 is the earlobe
Bejoty number 4 is the skin in between the pinky and ring finger
For Bejoty number 5, arousal occurs when you suckle the pinky toe
Bejoty number 6 is the neck flap
Bejoty number 7 will be revealed on june 19th
For bejoty number 8 to happen, a line of seven people suckling pinky toes must occur
by sheru46 June 09, 2010
The act of molestation by Steve Urkel. Not Jaleel White, but Steve Urkel. If the molesting is by another person but uses a quote from Steve Urkel as in "Did I do that?" that is a form of bejoty also.
After Sara committed bejoty to the child, all he ever felt like doing in his life were to drive and live on golf carts.
by Artie Milano :| November 03, 2006
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