Commonly used as a nickname for an american citizen after the financial crisis of 2008.
Hey! That Beggar who owned Lehmann Brothers now lives in Australia.
by angelo.123 November 24, 2008
Top Definition
a term used to describe a person that barely has anything, has no home and begs for money.
Jackson:*holds out hand in cupping position* Please take mercy on a poor boy...

Ryan: Take no notice of the beggar.
Johnny: Yeah, most of them are fakes.
Ryan: Well lets leave the beggar to beg away.
by guess who? =] December 19, 2006
poor people wanting food jobs work ect..
*knock knock
wtf are u doing out side my window!
u have any spare change?
no stupid beggars!
by stephie. November 15, 2007
A term used to describe someone who is for the most part begging. However, this is used loosely. for example someone who is complaining a lot is begging. If you are playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07 and you are putting with reckless abandon, "that's beggar." If you are hating a player or the game in any sport or game, "that's beggar." Basically, any act or state of mediocrity exhibited by a person, place or thing. Additionally, the term can be used to reference a person exhibiting bitch-like behavior.
"dude, you're beggin' hard right now."

"man, that putt was beggar."

"my goalie is beggar, that goal was so weak"

"dude, you're game is beggar tonight, chicks won't even talk to you"

"wow, this party is beggin hard"

"woah that shirt is beggar"
by DEPkevinMN April 27, 2008
a person who steals food or money from other people
a beggar ate Mark's cookie without his permission
by AJ Sawani August 29, 2008
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