Abnormally high skin marks and afflictions caused by improper prevention and hygiene of the legs particularity in geographies where Siphonaptera, Formicidae, or Acarina are highly common.
Wow man, your legs are riddled with red dots....are those flea bite recent or do you have the begs?
by Heavy Recoil September 13, 2011
Top Definition
Beg is a slang for wannabe - it can be used in different situations.
ergh - look at those beg emos. all they wear is My Chemical Romance tops and i heared they slit for attention.
by elliotstars August 23, 2007
a suck-up
a wannabe
a scrape
a humour-milk
She's hanging with LaShona now
That bitch is such a beg
by lashonaaaaaaaaaa February 17, 2010
Rasta term meaning to ask; also means to beg.
Di man dem beg fa jooks. (The men beg for sex.)
by Miguel April 13, 2004
a person who is a bit annoying, sucks up to people and pretends to be friends with people who they aren't actually friends with. they are usually social climbers.
hahaha aimee's such a begggg
by delhomepguppgdnend April 25, 2011
Badly wants 2 be something/someone they cant (can also be used as begging)
Justin Timberlake begs to be black
by Mel May 03, 2004
A suck up
A person who has the same characteristics as a dog
A Tegan collier
A nuisance
An over asking bitch
That girl is such a beg, she must be a Tegan collier
by hollyisallama May 04, 2015
A really short guy who is built like a brick wall but is gay. He likes to spend his time with his boyfriends playing king of the sack, giving handjobs, and giving blowjobs.
Did you see that guy over there getting nailed by another guy?? Yeah thats a begs for you.
by Tauncey September 15, 2009

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